Armedo BETA 1.0 version is coming!

This article talks about my goals and additions about Armedo.

Hi Gamers!

I have come to the end of the development process of Armedo BETA 1.0. I plan to release the BETA 1.0 version in less than 1 week. Armedo BETA 1.0 version will be able to run on MAC, Linux and Windows devices. A part of the story has been added and other parts will be published in the next versions. Flags and many designs have been renewed. Music has been added to the home page. In BETA 1.0, you will only be able to play with the Black Cross country. 

Our goal

Our goal is to appeal to a small community. For this, we share the latest information about the game on Reddit, Instagram, Twitterand Facebook.

Added in BETA 1.0


-Part of the story  


-Diplomacy Book

-Analysis book has been renewed

and other things.

This article is a little short. I'll explain more in the devlogs that I will be posting soon.

Good games,
See you!

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